April 26, 2006

These two I rather liked

Being related to two much discussed recent events, these are two stories which i found impossible not to mention.

India Express has an article by Kumar Ketkar. In this unassuming piece, he provides a brief sketch of the Mahajan brothers.

Of the more popular brother, Pramod he says

"He was in his thirties then. Argumentative and energetic. Smart and self-confident. His rise up the political ladder didn’t make him lose these attributes. Pramod looks at the peak with self-assurance and thinks it is reachable .... We all were impressed by his energy and ability to argue a difficultideological position ..... Between 1999 and 2004, all of us have seen Pramod on every single TV channel, arguing and fighting with anchorpersons."

He knew Pravin too, of whom he says

"His voracious reading, agile memory and the ability to analyse political events impressed me. He struck me a wonderful conversationalist"

Another article, in which G. Ananthakrishnan writes about how South Africa brought reforms post Apartheid without any job quotas or reservations of any sort.