September 21, 2005


So finally after an year and a half, I managed to get leave from office. I now have the power to turn it into four whole weeks of sitting on the couch or four weeks of travelling or even four weeks of preperation for CAT. Each day brings new ideas along with it. Though it is confusing, but in a nice way. There are a whole lot of books I have to read, a whole bunch of movies waiting to be seen.

But I have my mind fixed on doing some travelling. Not the usual flying to delhi and sitting at home or going to goa and getting stoned. This would be about spending some time in the, as the foreigners say, mystical India. There are a lot of places I would like to see, but as time is restricted, and so is the budget, I would limit myself to three.

Getting stoned in Goa is compulsory, so that leaves me with two more places to go to. There are four strong contenders, the first being Rajasthan, the far flung places where all you see is sand. If I goto Rajasthan, it would be somewhere around Jaisalmer. The second option is the backwaters in Kerela. I have never been south, as in below Goa. Though technically I spent the last year in Australia, but that doesn't count. Besides people say it's lovely. The third place on my mind is the jungles in Arunachal. Seductive as it may sound, it would need a lot more preperation than I'm prepared for. The fourth would be Leh, the desert in the Himalayas. Terrific place to spend your holidays in, but you need two weeks to get accustomized to the place, which I can't afford. Finally, there is Lakshwadeep, a beautiful place, but in the middle of nowhere. Better looking and less crowded that Goa probably. But good nonetheless.

I still have three weeks to go, so there's plenty of time, for more preperations and more ideas. So drop some here if you get any.

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