September 28, 2007

Sponsored Post : Furniture from Home

Some companies are dedicated towards giving you the best they can, just like this one. FurnitureFromHome, the online portal about furniture, and the best deals on the internet, has probably the biggest catalogue in the entire online furniture industry. And not just that, they have the best looking furniture as well as terrific deals to make you want everything that they have.

For example, they have Bar stools. Now how many kinds of bar stools should a shop have? They guys have some 110 different varieties and have 14 different styles on sale as well, so that if you like one of those, it just might be your lucky day.

Other that that there is everything from Storage beds to dining room furniture to a big screen entertainment center at the most attractive prices you've ever seen from one of the most secure online sites.

And the best part is that everything would get delivered right at your doorstep. So you order online, and without any running around, you get the whole range of products that you had ordered, come right up to you without any issues.

So if you're looking for some furniture in the coming Christmas season, I would suggest that you do head over to Furniture from home (link) and have a look the awesome variety and attractive prices, because I doubt you would find anything like it anywhere else.

IPR seminar at IITK

IME Department and SIDBI at IIT Kanpur organised a seminar on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on September 25 ’07. The topic of the seminar was “Managing IP Portfolio in large Organizations & IP practices in US”. The seminar was presented by Marty Shivley, Director, Worldwide Intellectual Property Operations for Microsoft Corporation. Other speakers included Jim Patterson, US Patent Attorney and Mukundan Seshadari, CEO Blue-File IP Services.

Marty Shivley explained how IPR creates revenue for an organisation from which a part again goes in funding R&D for development of IP. He shared his experiences of various IP operations in Microsoft and the way in which the company tackled various IPR issues. He narrated his briefings regarding IP with Bill Gates and the seriousness with which the Microsoft chairman listened to these briefings. “He would often go in the minute details as he has a very good understanding of these issues”, Shivley added.

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Facebook to protect kids

Facebook, the much hyped social networking site, must reply to the state attorneys general in a few weeks about the fact that facebook should be doing more to protect kids from sexual predators on the internet.

The attorney general says that if facebook doesn't respond they will start looking for legal options. He expects them to reply within a month. Though he seems to be happy with the first talks arranged. he also added that they had started with the same because they found that there were atleast three know sex offenders on the Facebook

Inspired by Karl Moore

Karl Roove, is a famous entrepreneur and best-selling author, and he has recently started this great blog dedicated towards inspiring people to do better in life. In the last few months I have become an avid reader of the same, and so decided that I had to let everybody know.

Karl's blog is mostly about inspiring stories and anecdotes that he encounters, but sometimes there are also other features which are as interesting. For example, I think there is a regular post every monday called the random act of kindness, and on friday, there is a friday factoid.

So if you like to stay charged, I would suggest you head over to the blog atleast once a day, and make it a habit. There is a lot of world changing material there, which just might help you too.

You can also access Karl Moore here.

Naukri plans educational site, a website owned by Info edge, a publicly listed company, has recently declared that they are working on a education related website. Though no further details were given. But it is heard that they are going to move towards education networking, whatever that means. Sanjeev Bhikhchandani, CEO of said in an interview that

In another 12 months, we plan to launch a new website for the education space. Like all our other sites, we would only facilitate the networking between people interested in any kind educational exchange platform. has also recently conducted some job fairs quite successfully. The first two were held in Ahmedabad and Pune. moves to RHE is the leading online job portal in India.

Vibhore Sharma, senior VP, with says

Once the challenges centered around business growth and building up the website to handle the scale of visitors, a reliable and robust technology platform became imperative. The key was also to ensure that the TCO for any technology option chosen was realized. At the same time, we were focused about innovating and rolling out new products and services to a large base of users.

The growth of has been phenomenal, and recently they have moved to Web 2.0 technologies. Though they are a little late, but what the heck, they are getting there. The company has also recently moved to red had enterprise edition.

Mr Sharma added,
The greatest challenge for any organization is to roll out new products and services in the shortest possible time frames. With the right platform, the development time gets shorter, turnaround times are quicker, and companies can work on innovations much faster. To us, Red Hat offered a solution which was reliable, scalable, and cost-effective - 3 critical attributes for the kind of business challenges that we were looking to address.

They use the Intel Xeon servers

Sponsored Post : Quality Bedroom Furniture

I follow a rule when buying stuff. If I like the item at the first glance and I have to have it, only then I decide to go ahead. Some poeple say that I am too choosy but well when you are going to pay for it, it might as well be the best available.

This is why I am going to tell you about an awesome website that I found today. FurnitureFromHome isnt' just an online store, it is one hell of an online shop. If you just go down there and check out the bedroom furniture collection, I can bet you would want to take it all with you. With a terrific collection ranging from bedroom furniture to Kid bedroom furniture to Child bedroom furniture to sleigh bed, they have it all, neatly put up, at attractive prices.

So if you are looking for something awesome to buy this christmas season, head over to FurnitureFromHome, find the bed that you like the best and have it delivered right at your doorstep.

The Naukri Makeover, India's leading job portal, has recently got a makeover. They have introduced UI changes for the job seeker section. They claim that the new site, will help people get more value from the website, with relevant information being visible easily.

It is heard that they have improved the search and the organization of data on their servers and are moving towards better interaction with their users. News search filters called 'clusters' allows user to search different options.

The uploading resumes part has also been improved and it is quite fast now.

September 27, 2007

Resizing a partition in Windows Vista

In the earlier version of Windows, we need to tools like Partion Magic to partition and reformat our existing partitions without disturbing the data or reinstalling the drives. However, Windows Vista has the ability to do all that without any external software. Now that is something cool. Let's see how can we put it to use.

To resize you Windows Vista partition, go to the Start Menu, Right click on 'Computer' and click 'Manage'.

Keep pressing continue if you get any dialog boxes.

Now in the left page, click on 'Storage Category' and then on 'Disk Management'

Finally, right click the partitions you would like to modify, and edit them just like you did with Partition Magic.

Sponsored Post : Stainless Steel Cabinets

Everything that you ever needed in your garage is now available online at one of the best and most famous garage guys available. They have everything from stainless steel cabinets, workbenches, tool boxes, garage flooring, garage storage, garage cabinets, garage door openers, organization, garage heaters, to anything else that you would ever need for you garage.

You can check out the complete catalogue online, and you can also order online. Of course, if you like you can just call up these guys and finalize what you would like to buy.

So the next time you need something for your garage, you know exactly where to find it.


Sony plans cheaper PS 3

It has been heard that Sony has started talking to Taiwanese manufacturer FoxConn and asked them to make a lower-spec Sony PS3. This is being done to bring down the price to the Sony PS3 to match that of the X-Box 360. More news would be available after the Tokyo game show is held this year.

Both of the products hit the market earlier this year and have been trying to eat into each others market share.

Rumors flying around say that the price in the US for the 40GB Sony PS3 will be around $399, this could see a UK price of around £200 but as there us more tax etc in the UK it is more likely to be around £300.

Police think MIT student has strapped on a bomb

Now this is funny :

19 year old MIT student Star Simpson was at Logan International Airport wearing a device on her chest that included lights and wires, she approached an airport employee with something that seemed like putty in her hands and walked away after being asked what it was.

Then as Star Simpson left the airport terminal she found herself surrounded by police holding machine guns, they thought that she had a bomb strapped to her body.

Apparently she had approached the airport employee to inquire about an incoming flight from Oakland.

After police seized her they learned that the device was harmless and just a piece of art that Star Simpson wore to stand out on career day, and that’s just what happened.

Although the police were concerned, they just followed protocol’s put in place and it’s a good job they did not have to use deadly force.

Imagine if she did not raise her hands when asked, the putty was apparently just some play dough.

She has since been charged with possessing a hoax device; bail was set at $750 cash and will have to return to court on October 29th.

Furniture from home

Bying furniture, can be both, a pain and a pleasure. A pain because finding the best deals available in the market for your budget, is something that requires a lot of time and energy. On the contrary, getting the brand new furniture is definitely quite interesting. This is why I thought I would tell you about this great furniture site that I have found. From Dining Room Furniture to Dining Furniture, and from Formal Dining Room Furniture to counter height dinette, you will find all of it here.

So if you are still running around trying to find the best deals, do take a look at FurnitureFromHome, I can bet that deal you're looking for is already here.

How the Bejing Olympics got its logo?

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Getting Stumbled

Here is a great report by the Etienne blog about how to get your blog stumbled. It appears he did a lot of research before he put this up, so do go over there and download you copy. Best of all, it's free.


Sponsored Post : Pingo, Call internationally for less

There are hundreds of thousands of phone companies which keep coming out with their offers, and I'm sure you have you own favorites. But today I am going to tell you about another cool alternative to the international calling cards that you use right now.

The card that I am talking about, is called 'Pingo'.

Now why, you would say, should you move from your calling card to Pingo. Well, it's because of these host of features that are on offer, that you will definitely not find anywhere else. Lets start with the very first, Pingo offers cheap calling card for you to keep in touch with you business people and family. There are no hidden charges and the calls are clear and reliable. Then, if you refer any of your friends to Pingo, you get something extra, some more free minutes to talk. Also, they offer special rates for other destinations, eg India Calling Cards, Global Phone cards etc.

And also because you are reading it here first, here is a special offer just for you. When you signup, just add that the phone card blog discount coupon is : “ppp3” and you would $3 off the card right away.

So if you are not convinced yet, just try it once, and then let me know if it was really that cool or not. Anyways, the first time that you buy it, the $25 card would cost you only $17.

Microsoft starts video site

For those of you who are still watching videos on youtube, here is something new, the microsoft videos site. You might say the our dear MS is way behind on this front, but they have made up for it by turning up with a beautifully made site which really runs well.

It's a strange feeling to like what MS seems to be doing. Contrary to the geeky opinion about MS, there are some things I just love about microsoft. One is that if there is any problem, there are people around who can fix it. Like the sound doesn't work on this laptop on linux, but on windows there is just no problem.

Ofcourse I know why that is the case, Intel is a real bad boy when it comes to helping our systems developers in writing the device drivers. But what the heck, I would like sound, I can't really help if they are acting like that. But anyways, I still chose to have Ubuntu in place of the usual MS.

On Slamming the mobile internet

A lot of people say that the mobile is the next big thing. Everything needs to move to the mobile if it needs to survive, yet, every time I try to surf the internet on my Motorolo E7 mobile phone, I end up saying that we were better off with lynx (lynx is the command line browser in linux).

Here is what is wrong with the mobile dream :

  • The wireless networks don't exist. I can't surf the internet outside my house with even a laptop, forget the mobile phone
  • Screens are way too small to really see. Of course my Dad finds it difficult to read the SMS, so we can safely assume he would never use his mobile for surfing. Whereas for the rest of us, I find it disgustingly small to open and read a webpage. I've heard that the iPhone has a cool interfact, but that just what Steve Jobs told them to say. Otherwise it's just another small screen with colors.
  • Sites are not made for the mobile phone. Ah yes, there is this really strange feeling which comes over you if you more over to the or something. Most of the Indian websites still can't handle Firefox, forget the mobile for a thousand million years
  • We just forgot about advertising. If it is troublesome on the laptop, then they have takent the experience on the mobile up by a notch.

I think I can safely say that if you are waiting for the mobile browsing to begin, you might have to wait 10 years for a decent beginning.

Sponsored Post : Senior Dating

senior dating is here, and it's here in a big way. After all, the internet is designed as a place which has a piece of the sky for everybody then why should the seniors be left behind. is the best thing that could have come to the internet dating scene.

All you need to do to get involved is to upload your senior personals, and the usual dating sites people will start responding to it. There are over thousands of people already registered and meeting up with one another, and now it's time that you get involved too. Life is way to short to be spend thinking about it, so get up now and upload you personals, and meet up with all those people who always wanted to.

Yahoo Podcasts going down

Yahoo has finally decided to close the Podcasting Site they had started two years back. Read Write Web says that 'Some would argue that podcasting hasn't caught on like it was expected to, and it's been dominated by existing media giants and beaten as a medium by the rise of video'.

Many other podcasting sites have had similar issues and have closed down recently. Surprisingly, thing have not been too good for podcasting, even though podcast had been voted word of the years in 2005.

I wish farewell to Yahoo Podcasts, maybe its soul rest in peace.

Apple sents notice to iPod Hacker

Apple, the company with those beautiful products, has sent a notice to a hacker who got inside the iPod and said that he would put up the code on a secure page on his site so that other hackers could have a crack at it.

But is seems that Apple was on it long before this guy made all of this public, because even before it went on the site, apple had contacted the ISP with the take down notice, and the ISP served the guy.

Apple is hell bent about keeping the iPod touch safe from the hackers. Though it is said that still they cant keep everything in check. But ofcourse, it sure has helped them.

However, I still fail to understand that how come Apple is allowed to do stuff like this, and Microsoft faces crap for the same... Just how good can your PR be?

Sponsored Post : Biker

Imagine a world where everybody was a biker. Every hot chick in our crazy, hypothetical world would love biking as much as us, and she wouldn't really mind us spending some good quality times with our bikes. But alas, you'd say that it isn't so. But fret not, today i'm going to tell you about this really awesome site, which had started this new sensation about biker dating.

All you need to do is sign up and put up your biker singles
and let it do the talking for you. believe me, it is here that you would that irrestible hot chick who loves the bikes as much as you do. So don't just sit here and stare at the screen, run around, register on the site, get your bike running, because soon you are going to have more company.

The Apple PDA

Steve Jobs, the apple guy, says that he is proud of all Apple products, not only the ones that they shipped, but also those that they did not ship.

The point of discussion being the Apple PDA, which was supposed to come out three years earlier but hasn't been shipped yet. But AppleInsider says, that they are already working on it, and we should expect it to come out sometime in the future. Though no dates have been specified yet.

It is said that since the company was having problems coming out with the iphone at the expected date, they were forced to shift engineers to leave the PDA project and move to the iphone. The iphone proved to be quite a sensation when it came out, and lets hope that the pda or iPda does as well.

Calculation Issue in Excel 2007

Even the big guys don't get it right all of the time. So it is quite difficult to expect it from the small guys. Anyways, here is a new MS issue which is heard to have been solved recently.

What had happened was that in Excel 2007, all calculation using the number 65,535 turned out to be wrong. For example if you did any of these =5.1*12850; =10.2*6425; =20.4*3212.5 the answer came out to be 100000 rather than 65,536. Funny little bug you might say, but imagine the crap you would be under if you found out this you paid extra tax because of some calculation mistake by the software. Real life issues can really be quite difficult to handle.

But it has been heard that the issue is about to be resolved. David Gainer has stated on the Microsoft Excel Blog that they are testing the fix for the same, and the patch would be out real soon.

So the next time you sit down to write your software, make sure you've spent more time testing it, because MS can say that it would be fixed soon, not all of us can always be as lucky.

September 26, 2007

Sponsored Post : Tatoo

The one thing that drives relationships is the connection that you have with your partner. Be it talking, walking, praying, singing, whatever it is that you do with them, makes you closer to them. This is why it helps if you have a great connection even before you start your relationship. This is why I would like to tell you about this great site which offers to do the same for you, but only if you just love tatoos.

tattoo dating is the only site in the big bad internet where you would find something of this sort. All you need to do to get started is to put up your tattoo personals and watch your inbox get filled with intersting people who love the same things as you.

So stop reading this now, and run over to the site, because somebody somewhere is waiting for you..