July 26, 2007

Digg is my partner

This guy really likes that fact that Digg is their partner.

(Psst. We got it the first time mate)

Digg should not help Digg

There is discussion on at Centernetworks (linked below), that since Google does not favor Google, Digg should not be allowed to favor Digg.

And how does Digg favor Digg? Because any story published by Kevin Rose will go to the front page on Digg. Is that fair play??

Of course. If you made too much money on the first startup, and you used that money on your second startup, would that be fair? Of course it will be.

Digg has a choice to do whatever it wants. It can push all it pownce links to the top of the digg front page, it can start using Microsoft ads on it's network and promise that Microsoft won't put up any dancing monkeys.

Now this is the kind of stuff that should get digged.. though I am sure even Kevin Rose himself won't be able to do that.


Dancing monkeys synonymous with Microsoft??

New York Times writes in

Adelson also said that Digg considered other potential partners besides Microsoft: “We looked at all the leading players, Google, Yahoo, you know who they are, and then we chose Microsoft,” he said.

Even though Microsoft will sell graphical ads, Digg’s founder Kevin Rose promised in a blog post to keep the site uncluttered, meaning “no dancing monkey ads.”

I fail to understand that why does Kevin Rose, think Microsoft, now the advertising partner of Digg.com is synonymous with Dancing monkeys.


Microsoft buys lots of ads on Digg

Now we see it happening all over again. Digg the overhyped social news site has just got a sh** load of advertising from Microsoft.

Even I can guess what is going to happen next. Their revenues will cross the a $100 million and they will start asking for a couple of billion for an acquisition.

Maybe Microsoft will buy them too, and all of them will go to hell together.

Digg - The Blog

Dorm room chit chat does not make a contract : Judge tells ConnectU

I can't believe this is what the Judge told the Winklevoss brothers. The buggers must be feeling like they are back in dorm, and getting fu**** for breaking the protocol.

Anyways, deep down I would love to see the Judge tell Mark Zuckerberg to hand over Facebook to the brothers. Assuming that the brothers believe that it is a reasonable request to be made in court, I would like to ask them, if they too would be interested in coming out with an IPO in case they get hold of facebook?

Facebook Revenue

Valleywag has the coolest revenue graph of Facebook. This man is the brightest when it comes to showing the light to humanity.

Once again he has saved mankind by bringing it all into the light.

(PS. Sorry for not putting the image on my server. Nobody ever comes to this blog, so you won't feel anything. Ever)

Facebook ruling delayed

A judge has delayed the the ruling on the Facebook case until August 8th.

Twins and co-founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss waiting almost three years before suing Facebook. Now they want the government to hand over Facebook to them along with the revenues. Not the brightest of moves I might say, but ofcourse it's worth a try.

Even if they settle outside, the brothers just might get their share of the pie.

Facebook issued a statement that , "We continue to disagree with the allegations that Mark Zuckerberg stole any ideas or code to build Facebook. We intend to honor the judge's request not to comment further in the media and will continue to vigorously defend this case in court."

I doubt the brothers will get anywhere, but atleast they'll get their name in the papers

Social and Professional Worlds on Facebook

These days facebook has come to dominate the way people interact with the internet. Almost 26 million people logon to Facebook to chat with other people. As a result, a number of business people have also started migrating to Facebook, and have left LinkedIn as a result.

Here is a great insight on the unofficial facebook blog

Facebook users to differentiate between social contacts and professional contacts and separate your profile based on that. I fully support this motion but I doubt Facebook will do this anytime soon. If they did, it would officially be the end of LinkedIn. There is also another slightly uncomfortable aspect of this new influx of users that Megan touches on in her article. As the older crowd meshes with the younger crowd, new definitions of social interaction are rapidly being defined.


Facebook gets Youtube CFO

The hottest social networking site Facebook has hired former Youtube CFO Gideon Yu. He has replaced Micheal Sheridan.

The guardian says

Yu, who replaces Michael Sheridan, was the CFO of YouTube last September just before Google snapped it up for $1.65bn.

Of course this goes against the grain of Henry Blodget's theory, commenting on an interview given to The Deal.com by Peter Thiel, a Facebook investor and director.

He reckons Facebook is putting a pricetag on itself of $7bn to $10bn.