April 17, 2007


The best part about being unemployed is that you have loads of time and zero money to spend. So when any of your friends need company, being the good friend that you are, you can just agree to go along.

Last weekend, it was Bombay with Bund and Kunal. This weekend, it is going to be Baramati with Rahul and Bund. Anyways, if your drinks are paid for; is there anything that you would ever need?

I have completely no idea about the direction this trip is going to take. It could be the one that I will tell my kids about, or this could be an outright bummer. Though expectations like always are high, since our plan is tried and tested. The idea is to leave at four in the morning, and finish all the beer which has been stacked up before we get there at seven. We leave all the rest to drunken creativeness. Cheers.