February 01, 2007

Should you use Adbrite on your blog?

Shai Coggins, one of the smartest bloggers you would ever find, writes about the good and bad points about using Adbrite on your blog.

The Good:

It’s a good way to start in selling ads on your site. There are different ad formats available. And, there’s the option to set up various ‘zones’ if you have different web properties and charge different ad rates on different zones.

The ability to choose between running a house/network ad and/or just ads that get sold on your site. You can even opt to run alternative ads if they don’t meet your revenue requirements. For example, you can run an AdBrite ad code on your site and set AdSense as you’re alternative. This is a good way to make sure the ad space on your site doesn’t get wasted, if you know you can earn more from AdSense (or other ad programmes).

The Bad:

The returns are not that good, and they put up interstitials too