July 26, 2007

Digg should not help Digg

There is discussion on at Centernetworks (linked below), that since Google does not favor Google, Digg should not be allowed to favor Digg.

And how does Digg favor Digg? Because any story published by Kevin Rose will go to the front page on Digg. Is that fair play??

Of course. If you made too much money on the first startup, and you used that money on your second startup, would that be fair? Of course it will be.

Digg has a choice to do whatever it wants. It can push all it pownce links to the top of the digg front page, it can start using Microsoft ads on it's network and promise that Microsoft won't put up any dancing monkeys.

Now this is the kind of stuff that should get digged.. though I am sure even Kevin Rose himself won't be able to do that.