October 09, 2007

Sponsored Post : GPS InSight

It has always been difficult to track vehicles, even though the need always existed. Since a long time, such technology has been in use in the military. Speeding missiles can be tracked across thousands of miles, and their position can be pin-pointed at any time. It is the same with jets and other machinery. However, it took a long time to come to civillian uses. But finally, it is here. If you business has a lot of vehicles moving around, then you will find this post quite interesting.

GPS Insight vehicle tracking system is the latest technology in the market which can do everything that you have ever dreamt of. It is the perfect combination of hardware and software which helps you track your vehicles in real time. It uses a number of satellites and the AT&T or T Mobile mobile networks to track, monitor and provide you with very highly accurate vehicle locations at pre defined intervals of 2 minutes throughout the United States and Canada.

If you have a taste for the details, then here are a few of the things that it can do : complete activity detail of your vehicles, fuel consumption statistics, speed violation metrics, vehicle performance details, landmark activities, track the activity for the last 90 days, report about reckless driving with completely accurate results, daily reports which are updated every two minutes, off hour and weekend use of vehicles to prevent extra payments of labor, theft recovery to help the police track the vehicles, emission reports to keep the environment green and many other features.

You would expect that now I'm going to tell you that you need to create an extra budge of thousands of dollars to use this technology. Well, this is where the real surprise is. This complete system, can be used by paying only about $1.5-$2 per vehicle you track every day. This means that if you have 10 heavy duty vehicles and 10 light duty vehicles, you would end up paying $690 a month. Considering the amount that you would have to pay to the staff, and for the gas and the hundreds of things in your business, you would realize that this is probably the best deal that you would get.

If you have any questions, just move over to GPS Insight support wiki for customers or the Blog for GPS vehicle tracking to soak in as much information as you would like so that you are sure that this is exactly the thing you were looking for.