May 03, 2006

Wallace Grommit and The Curse of "RSI"

Hard Work hurts and we know it.

You join an upcoming tech firm who is ready to dump you in piles and piles of money but makes you work 14-16 hours a day and within a couple of years, you have a paunch to show for it. Withing ten years the body starts fallling apart. It now takes us 30 years to reach the stage our ancestors had to wait 50 years for. Our life is getting over a second at a time and we are dying in front of our monitors.

But like always, there is a way out. And it need not be as drastic as quitting a job and living on a farm. The Google Blog lists some exercises and precautions you can take to make sure that you do not suffer the same fate as the fat guy next to you.


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