February 23, 2006

Blogger Wishlist

Even though blogger is one of the best blogging tools around, a few changes are always welcome. And what can be better than a chance to have a say in what new functionalities that should be added to it.

This link takes you to the blogger wishlist page, where you can choose one of the features you would like to be implemented in Blogger.

I though about the options, and I decided on two options, one is to organize posts by topic or category and the other is to be able to upload other files to my blog besides images. But since I had to choose one, I chose the categories option.

These are the rest of the options :
1. I want a way to organize posts by topic or category. (This is what I chose)
2. I only want certain people to be able to see my blog or posts. (Don't blog, write them a mail)
3. I want to show excerpts of my posts, with links to the full text. (You can already do that)
4. I want to export/import my posts to/from another blogging tool. (You want to use blogger, use blogger)
5. I want to use a custom domain name with my Blog*Spot blog. (Keep wanting asshole)
6. I want to be able to upload other files to my blog besides images. (Good option)
7. I want to display my posts in reverse, or non-chronological order. (Just change the times of your posts, don't waste a wish)
8. I want to recommend a blog of note. (Who put this in here?)

It's time for you to take your pick. Much depends on what you choose.

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