February 22, 2006

Two deadly sins

Morquendi has written a splendid article called "The Indian Army In Kashmir - An Invading Force". He talks about two very disturbing instances from his trip to Kashmir.

The first one, is when he goes to a STD booth, to make a call to his girlfriend. Though he says he can't see or hear much from outside the booth, he saw soldiers from the Indian Army, who wanted to make a telephone call, troubling the STD booth owner who refused to ask our guy to come out.

I am sure he did bother to ask what the commotion had been about, but he failed to mention it on his blog. The fact that has been disturbing me is that why didn't they just tap on the door and ask him to finish quickly, like it is done in the rest of our great country. But I secretly adore the principals of the booth owner who decided to put his own life in danger, and did not ask morquendi to come out of the booth.

The second one, is when he saw some soldiers, pissing on the rice fields, which he found repulsive, and he felt like they were pissing on his plate.

Another striking example of how the army is invading not just Kashmir, but also our homes. The government should take action and keep electricity running in all the rice fields, so that anybody pissing in them gets automatically electrocuted.

It was an interesting post and I loved reading the comments too. In the end, I wasn't sure if the army was at fault or not, he must have definitely heard a lot of music from his girlfriend for not paying full attention while talking to her on the phone. I guess that explains why he's been in a bad mood.

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