February 13, 2006

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin, is a brand name. He is bigger than IBM, Microsoft and Google combined together. The same Sachin, whose name inspired hope in the millions watching the game. Tendulkar, the poster boy for cricket in India, started his career by thrashing an unbeatable 326 in a school cricket tournament. I found the link to the scores from that very first day. There is also this long lost partner to Sachin, Vinod Kambli who figures in that match.

I was just too nostalgic not to mention it here today. Though I don't follow the game anymore and I don't seem to worry when people tell me that we lost another match, and don't get too excited when they tell me that we beat Pakistan expect for the small smile which I'm wired to produce on hearing it. But I find it tragic when people say that Sachin Tendulkar, is over his peak. I am just not ready to believe it. Just not ready enough I guess.

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