February 07, 2006

Of Critics and Fellow Bloggers

While lurking around in bloglines today, I came across Jabberwock. It's a nice blog for sure, and I enjoyed reading it. But I found something funny in there. In his last post he talks about some guy who had written a controversial review about 'Rang De Basanti'. He refers to him as This guy. When I went to the guy's page, whose name is Chandrahas by the way, it turned out our jabberwock, is also a blogger at the page. I just found it a little funny that you'd refer to somebody you know as 'that guy'. But I guess I'm just taking it all too seriously.

Chandrahas has written a long, and definitely controversial review about Rang De Basanti. I don't know if it's just his personal vendetta against Amir Khan, but he looked really pissed with him. I thought it was a good movie in a long time. Though I agree, I had found the story pretty silly before I saw the movie, but it had been brought out in an amazing way. But alas, Chandra ( hope he doesn't mind me calling him that), thought that it didn't have the right message. I am sure, he is the first critic who thought that this was a valid point, and full marks to him for creativity, but it makes me ask myself that was the movie so good, that our guy Chandra couldn't find anything else wrong with it other than the message. After all critics are critics because they criticize, and if he didn't do it, I wouldn't have read his blog.

On the whole, I guess, it was a critics way of giving him a compliment. After all, as Jai says, that some American psycho had something crazy to say about Sholay too.

Some critics just do their job too well.

Anyways I would like to ask Jai sometime, if he was named after the Jai-Veeru from Sholay. Probably not, but who knows.

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