September 27, 2007

Sponsored Post : Pingo, Call internationally for less

There are hundreds of thousands of phone companies which keep coming out with their offers, and I'm sure you have you own favorites. But today I am going to tell you about another cool alternative to the international calling cards that you use right now.

The card that I am talking about, is called 'Pingo'.

Now why, you would say, should you move from your calling card to Pingo. Well, it's because of these host of features that are on offer, that you will definitely not find anywhere else. Lets start with the very first, Pingo offers cheap calling card for you to keep in touch with you business people and family. There are no hidden charges and the calls are clear and reliable. Then, if you refer any of your friends to Pingo, you get something extra, some more free minutes to talk. Also, they offer special rates for other destinations, eg India Calling Cards, Global Phone cards etc.

And also because you are reading it here first, here is a special offer just for you. When you signup, just add that the phone card blog discount coupon is : “ppp3” and you would $3 off the card right away.

So if you are not convinced yet, just try it once, and then let me know if it was really that cool or not. Anyways, the first time that you buy it, the $25 card would cost you only $17.