September 27, 2007

Microsoft starts video site

For those of you who are still watching videos on youtube, here is something new, the microsoft videos site. You might say the our dear MS is way behind on this front, but they have made up for it by turning up with a beautifully made site which really runs well.

It's a strange feeling to like what MS seems to be doing. Contrary to the geeky opinion about MS, there are some things I just love about microsoft. One is that if there is any problem, there are people around who can fix it. Like the sound doesn't work on this laptop on linux, but on windows there is just no problem.

Ofcourse I know why that is the case, Intel is a real bad boy when it comes to helping our systems developers in writing the device drivers. But what the heck, I would like sound, I can't really help if they are acting like that. But anyways, I still chose to have Ubuntu in place of the usual MS.