September 27, 2007

Police think MIT student has strapped on a bomb

Now this is funny :

19 year old MIT student Star Simpson was at Logan International Airport wearing a device on her chest that included lights and wires, she approached an airport employee with something that seemed like putty in her hands and walked away after being asked what it was.

Then as Star Simpson left the airport terminal she found herself surrounded by police holding machine guns, they thought that she had a bomb strapped to her body.

Apparently she had approached the airport employee to inquire about an incoming flight from Oakland.

After police seized her they learned that the device was harmless and just a piece of art that Star Simpson wore to stand out on career day, and that’s just what happened.

Although the police were concerned, they just followed protocol’s put in place and it’s a good job they did not have to use deadly force.

Imagine if she did not raise her hands when asked, the putty was apparently just some play dough.

She has since been charged with possessing a hoax device; bail was set at $750 cash and will have to return to court on October 29th.