September 28, 2007 moves to RHE is the leading online job portal in India.

Vibhore Sharma, senior VP, with says

Once the challenges centered around business growth and building up the website to handle the scale of visitors, a reliable and robust technology platform became imperative. The key was also to ensure that the TCO for any technology option chosen was realized. At the same time, we were focused about innovating and rolling out new products and services to a large base of users.

The growth of has been phenomenal, and recently they have moved to Web 2.0 technologies. Though they are a little late, but what the heck, they are getting there. The company has also recently moved to red had enterprise edition.

Mr Sharma added,
The greatest challenge for any organization is to roll out new products and services in the shortest possible time frames. With the right platform, the development time gets shorter, turnaround times are quicker, and companies can work on innovations much faster. To us, Red Hat offered a solution which was reliable, scalable, and cost-effective - 3 critical attributes for the kind of business challenges that we were looking to address.

They use the Intel Xeon servers