September 27, 2007

On Slamming the mobile internet

A lot of people say that the mobile is the next big thing. Everything needs to move to the mobile if it needs to survive, yet, every time I try to surf the internet on my Motorolo E7 mobile phone, I end up saying that we were better off with lynx (lynx is the command line browser in linux).

Here is what is wrong with the mobile dream :

  • The wireless networks don't exist. I can't surf the internet outside my house with even a laptop, forget the mobile phone
  • Screens are way too small to really see. Of course my Dad finds it difficult to read the SMS, so we can safely assume he would never use his mobile for surfing. Whereas for the rest of us, I find it disgustingly small to open and read a webpage. I've heard that the iPhone has a cool interfact, but that just what Steve Jobs told them to say. Otherwise it's just another small screen with colors.
  • Sites are not made for the mobile phone. Ah yes, there is this really strange feeling which comes over you if you more over to the or something. Most of the Indian websites still can't handle Firefox, forget the mobile for a thousand million years
  • We just forgot about advertising. If it is troublesome on the laptop, then they have takent the experience on the mobile up by a notch.

I think I can safely say that if you are waiting for the mobile browsing to begin, you might have to wait 10 years for a decent beginning.