October 18, 2006

Cops and Robbers

Smart Robbers:

A bunch of thieves in a suburb of Kolkata, managed the impossible, police protection for their robbery. Now that is what I call smart. If my kid wants to be a thief, I'll send him to these guys. What really happened was that the officer in-charge at Chatterjeehat police station was asked by a dozen men, supposedly from BSNL, to provide protection, to dig up roads and remove copper cables. It later turned out that the documents were forged, and now BSNL customers are fuming about their internet connections, which has now disappeared. The officer in-charge, who obviously feels like a moron, has been suspended. hah.

Smart Cops (actually smart software developers :-)
Using a special software in her Nokia N72 cellphone, a student at Vile Parle, in Mumbai, helped the police find her stolen cell back. Amazing I know, for people always assume software engineers are the most useless of the lot. This special software, for which you need to pay Rs 300 a year, actually worked in this case, unlike everything else, developed in India, informs you that a new SIM has been inserted in your hot cellphone, which is now in somebody else's hands, and even messages you the number of the new SIM, on an alternate number that you have provided. So all you cell snatchers, who read my blog, please me careful.