October 21, 2006


Here is why Atanu Dey thinks that the name of Indian Airlines was changed to Indian:

First, it was not as if the name “Indian Airlines” was biting someone in the butt. It was not as if a person was not very sure what that name meant. It was not that someone else claimed that domain name and the airline was forced to change its moniker. No sir, there was no problem with that name. But then, you may say that perhaps the name was getting old and somewhat generic. It could happen, you know. You say “Indian Airlines” and someone thinks you are talking of Indian air carriers in general and not about the specific carrier. I have found that about “American Airlines.” You have to be careful to distinguish between the specific and the general. So alright, “Indian Airlines” could have been changed to something else.

But removing the “airlines” and just retaining “Indian” is as astoundingly stupid as one can ever get. So now when you say “Indian” you don’t know whether you are talking about food, clothing, land, thought, behavior, or . . . an airline! Making a bad thing worse is not an improvement.
This man is funny. If the government servants stop stealing, how will their kids survive.

After all, you are well read Atanu, look at your biography (besides, you are also working on putting together a new and improved bio), what have they got?

And I agree with every word he says here. I see those young kids begging on the red lights, because there is no school they can go to and I just imagine that a lot more would be joining them soon, becuase the government of our great nation, wants them to.