October 28, 2006

Talking about Films

Two film makers from JNU were denied their freedom of expression. Link. However, the young men who got thrashed by the police too because they were making a documentary on child labor, seem to be resolved to continue with the film. Maybe there are more Rakesh Sharma's in the making.

However, one man gets his chance to be famous for atleast a little while, by making Jesus Black. Link. Now this one is going to get a lot of publicity, and for no good reason. I feel compelled to watch the movie, though I am quite sure, that even if the movie turns out to be excellent, contrary to my expectations, I would still count black Jesus to be a cheap publicity stunt.

But this is what really feels good, when the medium of films expands itself and grows into reality
Link . Farmers have started their agitation, in a movement called Lage Raho Kisanbhai. This is what I call, bringing the movies to the masses. I am just waiting for the time, when people will copy Rang De Basanti.

Another thing you might notice this year is that, two of the best movies this year, were based on change, Rand De Basanti and Lage Raho Munnabhai. Is it because the nation is heading towards one, or because change is yet another real world impossibility like poverty?

PS. While we are at it, the International Film Festival of India for this year is being held in Goa again this year. Anybody interested?