October 21, 2006

The Desi Dating Guide

One thing that stands out in this long discussion is that dating is tough and dating is complicated for our desis in America. I don't understand why doesn't any desi tell us when they come home. I can bet that dating is easier back home, so in case you're having real problems in firangland, do take a trip back home.

Anyways, we were on the post at SM (link), which has a lot of links to relish, like the video of 'Desi OC', and then there are the awe-inspiring comments. Some people have real hard questions that need to be answered, like this one:

Punjabi girls are impossible. Northies are patakhas macacas. Must I go South for love shove, pyar vyar? Being a Northie boy, can I go Southie?
How do you answer that? And just see how much this girl is enjoying being the intimidator. heh. (link)

Finally, here is a list of movies by the director of the 'Desi OC'. I have to admit, this guy is no novice. (link)