October 11, 2006

PIL against Orkut

One staunch Indian patriot, who goes by the name of Yugant R Marlapalle, an advocate, has filed a PIL against Orkut, which is maintained by Google, since it contains a community against India. The High court has directed the Maharashtra government to issue a notice to Google for the alleged spread of hate.

I wonder what is the idea, get orkut banned in India for the same?

People are people, and there will always be animosity amongst them, but for every such community against India, there are a hundred which show their love for India. So if the site goes down, it will also take with it thousands of members who were atleast as patriotic that Mr. Marlapalle.

Besides, orkut provides an option, to submit such a community as bogus. It can be done, if just a thousand people decide to. Though it makes one think, that if even one thousand of the millions on orkut don't think so, what does it say about the community? Either nobody has ever heard about it, or it just doesn't matter.

If Mr. Marlapalle, the advocate, had anything better to do with his time, he wouldn't be worrying over a non-issue like this. Still if he was interested, I believe it would be a much saner option to find a thousand people who thought the same and get it removed automatically. Or if required, ask the people at Google what could they do about it.

Moreover, if the community was created by someone who was not based in India, how much control can the authorities exercise over them? Hardly any, but what they can do is make it invisible to us, here in India, like what the government of China does routinely.

As far as the question about any terrorist activity going on there, I am sure terrorists have better ways to go about it.

To be true, I believe Orkut has been one of the better services around, because I have been able to get in touch with hordes of long lost friends I had lost over the years. I have found people I knew, from all corners of the world, and so have all the people I knew.

It would be a pity, if the authorities were to take a silly decision, like the ones they are famous for.

If this is a Public interest Litigation, I don't believe I belong to the public who think this is in their interest.

The most our authorities can provide us is an illusion of security against the monster in the cupboard.


Update: While we are at it, if you would like to read some non-violent, intellectual content about India-Pakistan relations, please visit Chowk.com