October 06, 2006

Is God Male?

Some dudes called Enos Das Pradhan, of the Church of North India, has stated categorically that the Christian God in India is male, because the Church of North India is an autonomous, independent Indian church and because they have no hierarchical links with the Protestant Church of England.

I wonder how God feels about all this, being a staunch male that he is. I would be worried if my followers were discussing about my sex or if they had any doubts whatsoever regarding the uhh so important subject.

But the women are fighting, or atleast I hope they are. Maybe like the constitution, the misconception can be fixed by addding an amendment in the Holy Bible. It would help them to know that since a long time has passed since it was written, there is no chance that Mr Moses would not be able to sue them for copyright infringement.

With people bickering over religion all the time, I believe the time has come to quit religion as we know it, and move on to something more profound and enlightening, like Atheism or maybe even Scientology. But I wonder if our politicians would allow that...