October 06, 2006

Two (bullets) in the Bush

Mark Almond writes a detailed description of the reasons of and the reactions to the assassination of President Bush, and the changing face of the world after the event. Quite funny, a must read. (Link at the end of the post)

Well he missed out India, but we know what would the news would be like. The Prime Minister would show his grief and ask the world leaders to unite against the forces of terrorism. NDTV would show the story of the life of the man who was the President. In Kashmir militants would kill five more, 15 people would die in floods in Orrisa, 7 Dalits would be murdered in Bihar, India would lose to Pakistan, Sania Mirza would make it Round 3 of the French Open and AajTak would be showing a one hour special on the ghosts in Mirzapur, who come out after listening to Himesh Reshmiya's songs.

Some things never change.. for everything else there's Mastercard.