April 04, 2006


Deepak Chopra, inspirational guru, speaks on a one minute video about creativity. The video is a program featured on Lime.com about "Healthy living with a twist." and "Fresh ideas for living a greener, more balanced life." It is something you might want to hear.

Like intuition, creativity is an aspect of your soul. When you create something it has to be something that never existed before. So when you heal your body of an illness, that's biological creativity. When you invent something new, that's scientific creativity.

Creativity comes from having an intended vision and then gathering information and then analyzing the information and incubating. Incubating means quieting your internal dialogue and just resting in your soul. Sooner or later there is a quantum leap of insight which is called the "eureka experience." If that insight is genuine and authentic then you feel inspired, you implement what you have found out and you incarnate into a new experience.
Thanks to Idea Sanbox for the transcript.

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