April 05, 2006

Of Drinks and Movies

Jabberwock, has an interesting post today about movie hall rant.

Why the f#$! did you dumbasses decide to see this film in the first place?”

…was the question I silently mouthed over and over and over again, until it attained the intensity of a hymn. This was at a Brokeback Mountain screening and it was directed at two girls sitting a couple of rows behind me, who kept up an unremitting flow of Idiot Talk throughout the film.

I couldn't have agreed more with him on this one. Instances like the ones which he says keep happening to him, can completely wreck a good movie. I would like to rant about my own experiences, but sadly they are very much like everybody else's so I wouldn't go ahead with it.

But there is one which I am sure a lot of poeple wouldn't have gone through. Well nor did I technically, but I had the chance to hear it from the mouth of the very guy who did. Once upon a time, a couple of my friends got drunk and went out for a movie. So far so good, but when I say drunk doesn't mean that they had a couple of drinks and walked into the hall, rather they had been drinking till the point that they could have no more. I doubt if they knew what movie they were watching, and if it wasn't for this incident, maybe they would have never remembered that they ever saw it. They were there just because there was nothing else to do.

Half an hour into the movie, one of the fellas starts feeling sick, the other one tells him to cool it and sit still. So he sits there, feeling all droosy and starry eyed, and then suddenly pukes on the guy sitting next to him. **Ahmm.. This turns out to be a really disgusting movie hall story**.

This happened at E-square in Pune. The staff came in and asked both the guys to leave (This is what they say, I believe it must be 'pushed them out' or something). The poor guy who had been 'puked upon' was in a fit of rage, (Well quite understandably) and wanted to bash these guys up. (He should have been washing instead of bashing, but never mind). But it didn't really get that far, they just got off by paying a fine of Rs 500 (I'd say they got away real easy). Nowadays, it has become a tradition to make sure that everybody is sober befor we get into a hall, because for obvious reasons, it can get very embarrasing for everybody involved. I just hope I never find people like him next to me.


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