April 12, 2006

Pune360: Pune Classified

For the first time ever, I found a link in the RSS feeds above Gmail which had me interested. It was a link to Pune360, a classified service for Pune. It covers housing for rent, job profiles, education, tuitions, automobiles, personals, amongst other things. I am still not sure about it's coverage, as I still can't find anything to sell, but I'm sure I'd find some stuff soon.

They are planning to get a blog soon, where they plan to have an editorial section where they would screen articles from Puneites and post them there. It is always a good idea to keep bloggers on your side, right.

Finally I guess we have a good looking website, catering to puneites. The best one so far had been Pune Diary, where you could find out all the movies playing that week. That is a must, I believe, if your visitors are going to be predominantly from one city. Pune360 has a tab called 'Attractions' too. We're waiting for the goodies.

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