April 29, 2006

Innovation In India

Gautam Ghosh has commented on his blog about a discussion taking place on Atul's blog. The topic of the debate is wheather Indian Organisations are Innovative or not. Gautam emphasizes that Indian Innovation is 'decentralized' and that it affects more people than certain organisations. One line that I liked was "We shouldn't be seeing innovations through the Western lens." (link)

He talks about the "maruta" in rural Punjab, making lassi in washing machines, Jaipur foot and Aravind eye hospitals and links to a BBC story about innovation in Rural India. (link)

But the real information comes from a page, which is listed somewhere down in the comments. The link is to a web site called the Indian Innovation Association. (link). This website writes about the latest and the upcoming products of Indian Innovation.

Trot down to the Hall of Fame page and you'll realize that there are a lot of products being created in India. But the problem that I see now is why don't we as ordinary citizens of India hear about it? Is it because of a general feeling that it might not be of much use to us? Or is it because the really important ones always come from the west? Or probably it is just bad marketing. I would like to see the technical creativity of India being spurted out on the Television, the Radio, the Newspapers and the Blogs becaues that is how I would really know if India is still shining. Wouldn't you?

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