April 26, 2006

United 93

The Tribeca film festival, founded by Robert De Niro, has opened with the world premiere of "United 93", a movie about the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

Several of the festival's 275 films also tackle the impact of that day. These include documentaries about a fire department chaplain killed at the World Trade Center - entitled Saint of 9/11 - and also The Heart of Steel, about volunteers who helped victims of the attacks.

Among the 90 premieres at the festival is the first US screening of Mission: Impossible 3, which sees Tom Cruise travelling across Manhattan by helicopter, speedboat, sports car and underground train. Other major movies include the disaster remake "Poseidon".

The trailor has been drawing a lot of negative vibes recently after a lot of families of 9/11 victims raised objections against the movie. Almost four and a half years have passed since that day and yet there is a lot of backlash from the community. But Writer director Paul Greengrass, says Tribeca was "the most appropriate place for the film to play first". He is supported by festival creator, Robert De Niro, who feels "it would seem strange" not to show the movie.

Even though there is widespread controversy, some say that this is the film of our generation. However, according to voters on IMDB, the authority on movies on the internet, the decision seems divided into three. One who believe the movie was excellent, one who think it couldn't have been worse and the rest in between.

The movie would take it's time to reach India (for me to be able to give a review), where I'm sure it would be quite welcome, since 9/11 cannot draw the same emotions in any country other than the one which has bears the scar.

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