April 04, 2006

The Next Big Thing

Don dodge, has a good article about 'The Next Big Thing'. He lists some of the websites which he thinks would be big really soon.

The Next Big Thing does exist...it just doesn't look BIG to IBM. That is a common problem with large companies. When you have revenues of $40B to $100B no one thing will move the needle. Nothing looks big or interesting. Innovative or disruptive technologies are viewed as a threat to the core revenue stream, rather than promising new opportunities.
Some of them are worth checking out. Who knows, google might get some of them, and then you wouldn't be able to sign up for a long time. There is also a list of french entrepreneurs here.

Besides, it is an interesting blog, some of the other things that I found interesting were The Innovators Dilemma, and The Website vs The Blog

Also check out this list of Free Webspace by Bothack (link).