April 04, 2006

YouOS: Web Operating System

Life is getting more and more advanced on the internet these days. Here are some fellas who've come up with a web operating system. They were recently Digged to the the front page (Thinking about Digg, you might like to check out this too), though they say it's still waayyyyy alpha.

But why do you use a web operating system to develop? This is why

One Language: All you need to know is javascript. No perl, python, ruby, SQL, C, etc. That's right! You can do server stuff from javascript!
Scale: YouOS handles the scaling of servers and bandwidth - you just need to handle the application logic and UI (and about getting paid).
Powerful Shared Data Structures: Need a distributed, revisioned hashtable shared by N users? You got it.
Sweet Interfaces: Need to send or receive email or text/instant messages? We're working on providing full communication APIs.
Tools: Use an free in-browser development environment with built-in source control, syntax checker, compiler, and administration.
Analytics: Know exactly how many people are using your apps and how they are using it.
I think it's worth the demo atleast.


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