April 28, 2006

Lok Paritran Manifesto

Lok Paritran, a political party started by IITians, released thier first election manifesto in Chennai yesterday.

The party's nominees will contest in five constituencies in Chennai (Anna Nagar, Thousand Lights, Chepauk, Mylapore and Anna Nagar) and Villivakkam and Mudukulathur in Ramanathapuram on `axe' and `drums' symbols.

The manifesto emphasizes on the following issues:

  • To work towards the eradication of corruption.

  • To ensure that the implementation channels are clean and efficient with minimal leakage of resources.

  • To work with transparency and accountability by introducing measures such as having regular communication channels open with the public.

  • To work towards eradication of poverty and unemployment through policies like promoting vocational education.

  • To improve public health and sanitation by means such as conducting health camps, promoting health awareness and the construction of basic facilities like toilets, in areas where these are required.

  • To improve the condition of farmers through measures like providing effective and sustained irrigation facilities, and training programmes to educate the farmers.

  • To improve the level of education in the State by promoting the spread and reach of primary education and introducing skill based education programs at the secondary school level.

  • To ensure that the Constituency Development Fund that is assigned to every MLA will be used to address the fundamental issues of concern in each constituency.

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