April 18, 2006

Voice Of Ambition

I recieved this at 2:55 am. Anybody heard about them?
But I think I already like them.. they work at night...

Stream Radio is a good idea, but the audience is limited.
Though I really don't think intelligence and popularity are inter related, I hope they'd win.


At the outset I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you have given to Voice Of Ambition – India's First People's Radio. In the last few weeks we got hundreds of emails encouraging us and many people have registered at the site and participated in our forums.

The following are the things we want you to know through this email.

    A new board "Paritrana" is added to our forums which will be moderated by the members of the newly launched political party "Lok Paritran". If you want to ask the founders any questions then go to the forums and post your questions. Those will be answered in our upcoming interview with the founders. This board is to know all about the party, give feedback, suggestions and make this new political party a success.
    Please check out the new episode "Holistic healing for a saner world" with Dr. Leo Rebello one of the very outspoken personalities you will ever meet. It is an interesting talk and you will enjoy listening to it. Some of the topics covered are; What does "Holistic" mean?; Why does he think that WHO should be replaced with WHHO?; Why the frenzy about bird flu? What happens if an infected chicken is eaten? What happened to his efforts to be nominated for Rajya Sabha?; Is it true that he contested for President of India in 2002?; What advice will he give to the Indian youth?
    As we got number of questions regarding VOA and our mission we have updated our FAQ so that it will answer the questions many of you have.
    Also check out the new series called Daily thoughts through which we will present an interesting thought daily which is beneficial to all. Even you can send your own thoughts so that if we like we will podcast. Please give us 5 minutes everyday and start your day by listening to this segment and we promise that it will be good.
    An eminent personality who is a member of our forums suggested that VOA should take up the forgotten issue of seniors and create a group which will discuss the matters deeply and create some action regarding this issue. So we request you to share this information with seniors you know so that they can provide their email addresses and contact info to call for first meeting to discuss the matter and take some action. If you are a senior please send us an email with the Subject "Senior Issues". Please read the open letter to the seniors written by the member of our forums who wants to spearhead the moment.

We also like you to know that we are on our way to launching a 24 hour online streaming radio. So keep your support flowing and please spread the word. To know about us Go to http://www.voiceofambition.com/voa/content/view/25/51/ .

Thank you,
VOA Admin


Together There Is Power.

Note: Please send your replies to voiceofambition@gmail.com . Only emails sent to this address will be replied.

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