April 27, 2006

Muriel Spark

Indianwriting links to the first ever published story from Muriel Spark, a leading British novelist.

No part was undergoing a process; the outline lacked the signs of confusion and ferment which are commonly the signs of living things, and this was also the principle of its beauty. The eyes took up nearly the whole of the head, extending far over the cheek-bones. From the back of the head came two muscular wings which from time to time folded themselves over the eyes, making a draught of scorching air. There was hardly any neck. Another pair of wings, tough and supple, spread from below the shoulders, and a third pair extended from the calves of the legs, appearing to sustain the body. The feet looked too fragile to bear up such a concentrated degree of being.

Her first novel "The Comforters" was published in 1957, but it was The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1961) which established her reputation. She expired at an age of 88 about two weeks ago.


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