May 19, 2007

13 year old CEO

Here is an interesting anecdote on Zoli's Blog.

Kaval Kaur, co-Founder of Virsa, a company acquired by enterprise software giant SAP is up on stage. She is a dynamic speaker, and a perfect inspiration for entrepreneurs or entrepreneur-wannabes in the crowd.

But ... what's happening? She is interrupted by a kid with a microphone in hand.

"Hi - are you looking for your parents?

No. I'm looking for funding."

The "kid" turns out to be Anshul Samar, 13-year old CEO of Elementeo, a battle-game of .. chemical elements. (Gee, I barely knew what chemistry was at his age). Anshul looks like a 13-year old, but speaks like an adult. He knows what he wants: the goal is to achieve $1M in revenue by the time he finishes high-school, which is next year.