May 24, 2007

Warm Places to Go to.

If you haven't been to Australia, you can't call yourself a traveller. And if you haven't, go book your flight to Australia now because the hottest place on earth is waiting for you. Starting from the golden sandy beaches, throughout the continent, to the laid-back outback, there is more than enough for everybody in Australia. For the party animals there is the GoldCoast, which is a party 24x7x365, though take care if you go there. Other than that there is Sydney, and Melbourne and Adelaide, and about seven more cities for you to freak out in. The beaches are absolutely fabulous, starting with the bondi beach in Sydney to the infinite ones across the continent. For the sports freak, there is the Australian Open in Tennis, and the Australian F1 and the Australian Cricket, and Football, and many many others.

If you are looking for sunny beaches and the like, you can also just book flights to Florida. No matter when you go there, florida has enough to keep you entertained. Finally, another great place to be, if looking for warm climates is right in the middle of spain, europe. You can find flights to Tenerife here. Just ask google what all you can do there, and you'd be surprised that there is so much to do and you're still waiting.