May 25, 2007

Sponsored Post : PPP Direct

This is a sponsored post.

Payperpost has always been one of my favourites. With their ground breaking approach they were the first ones to enter into this field and even today are probably the best people which let you make lots and lots of money via your blog.

So today is another good day, becuase Pay Per Post has launched a new service called PPP Direct. In this service, advertisers can directly contact individual blogs and ask them to advertise. This reduces the crap from the system. As the advertisers pay less money overall and more money to a particular blog.

This also helps in blog marketing, as advertisers get to know particular blogs which are up at PPP.

Another interesting thing is that, keeping up with the PPP tradition, they only charge 10% as commision as opposed to other networks which can take away a significant amount of the advertising fee.

This also means that you can make available your email address for the advertisers, because now you know exactly who you will be interacting with. Making life a lot easier for both bloggers and advertisers, who have always been concerned with online security.

And not just this, there are a lot of other features which have been planned and are coming out. You can read more about them here.