May 24, 2007

Canada and US

The only one thing that Canada and the US share is the border line. Otherwise it's almost like two different worlds. If you want to be rich and famous, go to USA, if you want to enjoy go to Canada.

I'm the kinds who love to enjoy, so of course, I'm planning to be off to Canada. Other than the fact that I have a cousin there, I know for sure that the place would really be amazing. At least once, in this lifetime, or the next, I want to go down to Canada, and give them a visit. Being one of the coolest places on earth, it also has it's share of don't eat this crap. But food is good, and the people better. And if like me you're in love with the place, you can get flights to Canada here.

Now if you get bored of Canada, and if you bought my shit about people being nice and all, that is all bull. People are the same everywhere. But anyways, if you're not the one meant to be going to Canada, you can get your flights to USA here, or flights to Caribbean here. If you get to the USA, enjoy the night life, and if you hit the carribbean, enjoy the cricket.