May 25, 2007


200 years back, London was the most advanced city on the face of this earth. People from all across Europe moved to and from London. Even in those days, most of the travelers found London quite costly to stay in, and since those days finding cheap hotels in London has been a difficult task.

Come the 21st century, the internet has changed the world many times over. If now you decide to go to London and find yourself a cheap hotel in london, it is as easy as going online and searching on the internet to find a couple of places which suit your needs. So that the day you land in London, you don't have to go looking. You can just go and sit in the your room which has already been confirmed.

But finding a hotel which suits your needs is not as simple as you would expect. As expected, a number of hoteliers lie about their services. So you can't always find an aunt or a friend who has stayed in the hotel before. So to find out if it was any good, you need user reviews on the website. Because very simply there has to be somebody's aunt of friend, who has stayed there. This is the golden rule of finding cheap hotels London, that you don't book a place until and unless you get a review from somebody neutral.