May 24, 2007

Price Banson Symposium for Entrepreneurship

Participants in the Price-Babson Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators (SEE) program will be exploring the entrepreneurial process and the 'art and craft' of teaching and learning entrepreneurship. The program provides an introduction to case-method teaching and live, venture-based teaching methodologies.

The 68 attendees, from 33 institutions in countries around the world including the Pacific Rim, Europe, and Latin America, will be encouraged to identify, plan, and personalize their own entry (or reentry) strategy into academia, and to improve as teachers, entrepreneurs, learners, researchers, and colleagues.

Session topics will include New Venture Creation, Entrepreneurship Curriculum Design, The Entrepreneurial Mind in Action, The Quest for Master Teaching, Alternative Pedagogies, Challenges in the “Clashroom,” and Idea Lab.