May 23, 2007

Silicon Valley Techcrunched

Andrew Fife of Entrepreneurship Blog, wonders why Techcrunch is against the very force which made it so famous - The Silicon Valley. He says

it does seem to me that TechCrunch is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Silicon Valley startup hype cycle. More venture money means two trends that TechCrunch would seem to benefit from: 1. More startups get funded, which generate more pageviews for TechCrunch as they write about new products resulting from the funding 2. Larger marketing budgets to fund advertising and conferences. Valuation aside, I can't think of a company that fundamentally relies on the swelling interest in web 2.0 more than TechCrunch.

While all that might be true, I think Techcrunch still has the freedom to slam the Silicon Valley for what it has become. Those are the signs of greatness, which is why it is so loved.