May 24, 2007

Travelling to the east

If you are a travelling freak, you can never really forget Japan. The icon of the east, the land of the rising sun, the home of martial arts. Japan reminds us of everything non-American. And if you like watching movies, there are some people from Japan, who you can never forget. One such example is Akira Kurisawa, the legendry movie director, who became a pioneer of Japanese and American films, was a part and parcel of Japan. Besides Japan is about fast trains and beautiful women. The beauty of it all it that is gels so well together, that once you get there, it's really difficult to come out. Even though it seems far, flights to Japan can be quite cheap.

Then there is also Malaysia. Where people play badminton faster than you can blink your eye. There are dragons on the streets, and carnivals around the year. Please book your flights to Malaysia here.

Finally, there is also Bangkok. The largest city and the capital of Thailand. Other than beautiful women there are absolutely fabulous beaches, which extend from one end of the city to the other. It is also a major port on the sea route to Australia, and everything that goes down under does pass through here. So if you are thinking of heading there, this is where you can get your flights to Bangkok.