March 28, 2006

AIDS Matrimonials

I had gone to Somwar Peth this weekend, to get my bike patched up. Things have not been going well with it recently, so I took some time out, watched Being Cyrus, and then went to my mechanic. On the way back, I stopped over to get smokes. Right next to the shop, there was a street light and it had an advertisement.

The advertisement was for people suffering with AIDS, and it said, that if you're suffering from AIDS, and you want to get married, please give us a call, we'd find somebody for you.

Now, I wasn't drunk or anything, but I still read it again and again. But it always said the same thing. (I was hoping I had read something wrong).
I am planning to get their number the next time I go that side, and give them a call to tell me what it is all about. I can't figure out where they'd get the spouses from, but these guys sure did find out a new market segment.

While I am on AIDS, there is a film festival going on HIV/AIDS in Chennai. Take a look here.

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