March 17, 2006

Behind Blue Eyes

And he looked again. She was still there, with her eyes fixed at him.
He looked down again, fiddled with the ipod, turned up the volume a bit, changed the song. And then he looked again.

The train was filled with people. Though it wasn't close to what they have in Bombay, but there were a lot of people. Quite a lot more than the low standards there. Everybody was upto something. People who knew each other were talking, some were just sleeping, tired after a big long day at work. While the rest of them were just staring around. Trying to find something that would hold thier attention, for some small amount of time, before they moved on to something more colorful, more beautiful.

He reckoned that was what she was doing. Probably, her eyes just strayed somehow in that general direction. Like your mind, at times, just wanders off to places, without you even thinking about it.

But she was still looking at him. She had blue eyes. Beautiful blue eyes. He just couldn't stop looking at them. She was just so beautiful, that a smile came up on his face. It had been a few seconds since he had noticed her, but now he could see that there was a strange kind of coldness in her beautiful blue little eyes. So he waved at her. At first slowly, but the expression remained unchanged, so he raised his arm and waved as visibly as he could.

But she still just sat there, holding her mother's hand, staring, wondering about something. He didn't know how to react. It's not often that he waved at people in trains, and somehow it never happened that he got such a cold stare from such a small kid.

Her mother saw him, waving, so she pressed her hand, and told her to say hi to him. She can't see, she whispered. He was speechless. He would have cried. But he didn't want to, so he went up to her, shook hands, talked for a little while. She was such a sweet little girl, and he wanted to do something for her. But all that he could do was stand there, motionless, helpless, and stare at the dark.