March 15, 2006


Boing Boing, is the world's best blog. Alongwith Xeni Jardin, also the hardest working blogger, they've been working around the clock to find ways to outwit smartfilter, who is trying to block them (for nudity I think). But the reason they are here is because of these three articles which I found pretty interesting.

The first one is about the mysteriously disappearing penises in Nigeria. A bizarre psychological disorder known as genital retraction syndrome. I can't quite believe it's true, though I have checked mine, just in case. Guess you should make sure too.

The second one is with three photographs of pole dancers on electricity poles. But no, it is not the poles who have done it, but the French, on the streets of Paris. I'm sure it might attract a lot of rioting bystanders there.

The last one, is about a court case in Missisippi where a lawsuit by an adult shop has been dismissed. The lawsuit was against the law barring the sale of certain adult devices, which meant that it was a crime to sell a dildo, huh. But the best part was the topic of the post which read, "No Fundamental Right To Dildos". Great work guys, keep up the good work.


And while we are on the topic, this beats everything else you've ever heard about optimism:
About half of the 6.5 billion people on earth right now are women; of these, at least 10% of these women are over 60 and another 10% will be under 18. And of these remaining 2.6 billion, let’s say a mere .0001 per cent are stunning beauties, that means there are still more than a mind boggling quarter of a million hot women out there.

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