March 14, 2006

Tech Round Up

In the Tech News,

First off there a bookmarklet which lets you delete all the stuff that you don't want to print. The printer friendly bookmarkelet. Now, we don't need to get the whole page, just the text would be welcome.
(link: LifeHacker)

Then there is a article against the use of HUD (Heads up Display for health, ammo and the like) in videogames. Some of the latest video games coming out, would not include the HUD rather, the user would need to look for visual clues to estimate the heath and the ammo.
(link: Wired)

Believe it or not, now there is a Typhoon Personal Super Computer available from Tyan. With upto 8 AMD Opteron™ HE processors, 64GB memory and 4 SATA HDD's.
(link: Tyan)

Then there is this link, about how to install Linux or for the matter Windows on a USB device (larger than 512MB). Imagine installing Linux on your Ipod...
(link: LifeHacker)

And finally, this peer to peer host from Sweden wouldn't be going down. Probably the only host which intends to stay legal for a very long. Hell, they even have a political party which has come up to change the copywright laws in Sweden, which would definitely help these guys.
(link: Wired)

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