March 25, 2006

Smrutira Odisha 2006

Smrutira Odisha 2006, the event which was started in Bhubaneswar in last Utkal Divas (1st April) at Ekamra Haat in Bhubaneswar, is now just eight days away.

They have been trying to provide, to think of something different to educate the younger generation to understand what Orissa was.

It took a lot of hands to organise the event. It is almost impossible, but they have still managed to organize, to raise money, to plan, to coordinate the event, and they have been doing a great job of it.

Last year, Tirtha says, "The experience was exciting and very much encouraging to see people from all walks of life enjoying the event.Believe us, we never had so much response.We'll try to do everything possible to make this year's Smrutira Odisha-2006 a memorable."

In additian they say, there will be songs, dance, magic, comedy etc. and many more in between to keep the audince fresh.

The Details

Smrutira Odisha-2006
Date: 1st April,2006(Saturday)Utkal Divas
Place:Amphi Theatre,Ekamra Haat,Exhibition Ground,Unit-III,Bhubaneswar
Time:5.30-10.00 PM

If you are interested, please contact in the follwing persons for further details.

Tirtha at 94373-59745
Prakash at 94371-24014
Centre for Resource Management,Bhubaneswar.

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