March 17, 2006

Zero Time

He learned a lot in the next four years. By the end of it, he could speak two languages, count up to 500. Five times what his peers could do. A fat balding Colonel, with a talent for drinking, once told him that he would be five times as successful. His father smiled, said a little prayer in his head, and blessed the drunk old man. But he just pondered over it for a while, and then went out to play ball with his little girl friend.

The souls have a language. They can talk, and they talk to each other, very often, like women, and they tell each other about themselves, and thier use and abuse, like we talk about our bosses, when we get down for a few drinks at the end of the week. And slowly, our souls try to let us know what they think about each of the other souls. People never listen to them, the voice is always lost in the screaming echoes and the screeching moans from the world outside. This is why people never really understand other people, or take people to be something else, even when all they really need to know is inside them. His father had this knowledge, and that is why he knew, that the old man, would be right about his son.

Time kept passing, and within four years, after he saw his first leap year, he turned four. His Dad moved to Laddakh, working as the highest Radiologist in the world, at 10,000 feel above sea level, he was higher than any other man, who had studied so much. He moved to Delhi, along with his mother into her in-laws house. That was when he started going to school, his first step in the big bad world, and away from Mom and her comfortable and loving world.