March 17, 2006

High Flying Mummies

He knew it was a plane, though it was definitely bigger than he had thought it would be. It would be many years later that he would get another chance to fly in one. Ofcourse he had his journey back, but after that it would take a lot of years. And so they sat in it and it took them far away to Dad who was waiting outside in the freezing cold for his lovely wife and kids.

It was colder than he had ever felt. His Mom, also felt the cold, and like always, if she felt cold, the first thing she did was to dress the kids up, like all moms, across all civilizations. He swore he looked like an egyptian mummy that day. There was just enough space in the clothing for him to look ahead, and yet after such precautions against it, it felt cold.

They went up to the new home, stayed there for awhile and then went straight to the Officers mess. A nice warm place. He was hoping there would be no more kids out there, for he didn't want anyone to see him dressed as a mummy. He looked for ways in which he could get out of Mum's undivided attention, to slip off somewhere and get rid of the unwanted burden. Though it was warm, Mum didn't want to take any chances. But then in the midst of that warm room, standing next to his Mom, he saw something and just couldn't stop laughing. There was another mummy in the room. He could bet that the other mummy looked worse that what he did.

He laughed and laughed, till his stomach cramped, till there were big tears in his eyes, and he could laugh no more, and then he laughed some more, and some more till finally thier mothers introduced them to each other. The other mummy just hid inside his mum's clothes and refused to shake hands. He didn't care, he thought, he didn't want to be friends with funny looking creatures anyway. He didn't know it then that they would get together about a decade later and gulp down litres and litres of alcohol together, near a down trodded village in western Maharashtra. Only if Mom had known then.